Village History

Photos and Videos of Keperra Village History.

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Songsters 2005 Concert (Video)

Songsters 2003 Concert (Video)

Songsters 2002 Concert (Video)

2002 Village New Years Eve Concert (Video)

Black Thursday (Video)

Black Thursday (Slideshow)

A Pictorial History of the First 20 Years (PDF File)

The Village Wall Hanging (PDF File)

Land for Wildlife (PDF File)

Betty King & The Songsters (PDF File)

Pictorial History of The Songsters (Video)

Penny’s 2021 Panto (Video)

Penny’s 2022 Panto (Video)

Penny’s 2022 Panto (Stills Slideshow)

The Perfect Storm April 2022

Village Rock Fall April 2022

Village Singers History 2021


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