Poetry Group

Group Suspended Pending New Convener.

The poetry group meets every second Monday at 3pm at the Centre. There is no fee or money charge of any kind involved. We do have coffee afterwards and there is a small charge of 50¢.

We welcome all poetry lovers. The main aim of the group is to promote the reading and writing of poetry.

If you have a favourite poem bring it along and read it to the group.

If you write poetry or would like to attempt writing it, join us and have fun becoming a poet.

We encourage people to write in any style: rhyming poetry, bush poetry or free verse and why not try a Haiku or limerick. We are all amateurs and nobody will criticize and any topic is ok, may it be poems about family, nature or politics. It is a wonderful, entertaining afternoon and everyone is invited to come.

For more information contact Mocco Wollert.